Thursday, February 21, 2008

LAHMACUN (turkish pizza)

masa gi turki(istanbul) dulu memang hari2 makan ni...walaupun ni bukan yg original nya..dari segi rasa blh tahan...lbh kurang mcm kat turki punya.

LAHMACUN(dari Binnur turkish's cookbook)

1 packet of original tortillas (flat bread 10 pieces)

500g lean ground beef

2 medium onions

1tbs red pepper paste

2 large tomatoes, seed discard.

1 cup parsley (sy guna 1biji green pepper cincang)

1 tsp flakes pepper (ganti chilli flakes)

1 garlic

1 tsp salt

use mixer chop and mix the ingredients except the ground beef. refrigerate for an hour then leave it outside for 20 min. set oven to grill(broil) have two trays ready. take some mixture with the spatula and apply on tortillas bread evenly as a thin layer. place 2 per oven tray and put the tray on the second rack from the top in the oven. bake for 3 to 4 minutes, making sure not to burn the edge of the tortillas.

notes : org turkey suka makan ni dengan salad...blh jugak ltk salad + mayo+ cili sos gulung.


1 biji red pepper



blend semua. masak atas dapur hingga jadi paste.

resipi ni sy ambil di sini

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